Having passed second grade (on the very first try), Topher Goggin is highly qualified to write a fairy tale book like Not Your Mother’s Goose. After continuing past second grade to Williams College and Notre Dame Law School, he now works as a small town lawyer in Central Michigan, and additionally does other lawyerly things like teaching college precalculus and showing eight-year-olds the finer points of how to PLEASE stop hitting the kid next to you with a nine-iron in the local junior golf program. He also is an accomplished radio play-by-play announcer, having captured two Broadcast Excellence Awards from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. At age 11, he appeared as a guest on Late Night with David Letterman, discussing the one-man sports newspaper he had started three years earlier. Unfortunately, he then picked the Buffalo Bills to win the upcoming Super Bowl, sending his journalistic credibility straight into the dumpster. Other random talents and skills include: Escaping from being tied to a toilet in a family magic show (at age 9), officiating a wedding in California (not at age 9), hosting a satirical college radio show that might have gotten 30 listeners on a good week primarily by shelling out over $4000 in prizes, cashing three times in the World Series of Poker, giving a graduation speech devoted entirely to NASCAR, and the always important ability to recite approximately twenty Dr. Seuss tongue twisters from memory. That last one is especially lucrative.

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